Best Anime Series You can Stream on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is now looking to expand its catalog to cater to every aspect of society and Anime is a big part of it. Netflix is adding new anime series and new anime movies to its library every few months. Netflix now even has a few Netflix original Anime series and movies namely: A.I.C.O., Aggretsuko, Back Street Girls -GOKUDOLS-, BLAME!, Fate/Apocrypha and many others. If you are an anime fan and wants to explore Netflix to see what Anime you can watch, then, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you some popular anime series you can watch on Netflix.

Best Anime Series on Netflix

Fullmetal Alchemist

Netflix bought the license to add Fullmetal Alchemist to its last library last year. Since then it has become one of the top-rated anime series on Netflix. Along with Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood can also be streamed on Netflix. This anime series takes place in an era when alchemy is possible. Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, learns the craft and give up parts of their body in an attempt to bring their other back from the dead. In this Netflix hit anime series, you go on a ride with the two brothers looking for hope to cure their damaged body parts.

While this anime series is very intense, it also has romance and love which have been portrayed very beautifully. Edward and Winry are among the cutest anime couples. You should definitely watch this anime series for its unconditional love, for its intense drama, and the survival. Fullmetal Alchemist is currently the best anime series on Netflix to stream right now.

Death Note

Imagine this: you are a school kid, and you get a notebook that can kill people as long as you know the name and face of the same person. What would you do? You would feel like a god, no? The same happens with Light Yagami, a school kid who somehow find the magical book. At first, Light misuses this book, but when he realizes that he can do some good for the humankind, he sets out on a mission to locate and kill criminals from this world making it crime free. At first, he kills many high profile criminals from Japan and later he also starts looking for targets from international crime world.

Currently, Death Note is streaming on Netflix, and it is also among the top anime series people are watching on Netflix.

One Punch Man

Every superhero movie or series more or less follow the same set of rules. What are those, you ask? Hero with superpower generally fights against super villains who poses more power than the hero. Hero struggles, but in the end, the hero defeats the villain. Well, One Punch Man is kind of different. The hero has immense power, and it can destroy every villain with just one punch. This hero is more concerned about supermarket sale than defeating a villain. This what makes this series so much different than other superhero series or movie we have seen so far.

You can say this superhero series is more like a parody of all classic superhero movie or series. The series is was a hit in 2015 when it was first aired, it is not also popular on Netflix.

Knights of Sidonia

Most anime series are based on Sci-Fi, but my favorite Sci-Fi anime series is Knights of Sidonia. This anime series is a space ship based series which takes place in 3394 when the earth becomes uninhabitable and few peoples are living on a space ship. A space ship named Sidonia sets on a mission to discover and find other planets where human life can survive. A young and fearless pilot Nagate was discovered, and he was given the duty to defend the colonized planet for invaders and aliens. If you are more into the post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi genre, then this anime series will certainly be interesting to watch.

Other Popular Anime series on Netflix

Netflix has a lot of anime series, and it is almost impossible to list them all in one article. Here is few more anime series on Netflix that you can stream right now.

Best Anime Series to Watch on Netflix
5Devilman Crybaby
6Your Lie In April
7Case Closed
8Gurren Lagann
9Kill la Kill

These are 10 top anime series on Netflix that you can stream now. All of the ten series are my favorite and I recommend watching those anime series if you are starting with anime series.

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