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How to Keep Track of All TV Shows

In this day and age of online streaming services, it is hard to keep up with the latest shows and their episodes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are dozens of new shows every week on different streaming platforms. With all the shows on the plate, it is impossible to keep track of the latest episodes let alone discovering new shows. The tech world took notice of this inconvenience, and now there are many apps and services where you can keep track of all the current shows, upcoming series, and the latest episodes. There are now almost a dozen decent services where you can keep track of all the shows you are currently watching, get notifications when a new episode drop in and more.

How to Keep Track of All TV Shows

keep track of TV series

Next Episode

Next Episode is an app for Android and iOS which let you track Tv shows you are watching and movies. It has a clean interface with only the information you need- no clutter or unnecessary information. You can add the shows you are watching, and you are planning to watch. Next Episode will notify each time there is a new episode of a show you are watching. And when you are done with the show, it can suggest you show that is similar to the show you just watched. Next Episode can track both TV series and Movies, but I feel TV shows is where it is more powerful.

Download Next Episode for Android or iOS.

Just Watch

Just Watch is another TV show tracking app that lets you track all the shows and movies you are watching on different streaming platforms. Just Watch is also a great platform to discover new shows and movies to watch based on your watch history and preferred genres. Just Watch segregates shows and movies based on streaming services you have subscribed to. If you like to watch a show and it is not available on any of your streaming platforms, then you can ask Just Watch to notify when it becomes available on those platforms.

Download Just Watch for Android or iOS.

TV Times

Tv Time is also a popular Android and iOS-based app which is working to make TV track easier for fellow human beings. Just like the above two apps, on TV Time you can mark the shows you are watching, the shows you want to watch, get notification on the latest episodes and more. The feature that makes this app distinct from other apps is that it let you interact with fellow viewers of the show. TV Time uses machine learning technology to learn about your favorite shows and suggest shows to watch based on your preference.

Download TV Time for Android or iOS

With the above three apps, you can track all of your favorite ongoing shows as well as get recommendations on which show to watch next. The prediction of these apps is very impressive. Once you start using an app to keep track of your TV shows you will be amazed to see how effective these apps are and how easier it makes the TV watching experience.…


Best Anime Series You can Stream on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is now looking to expand its catalog to cater to every aspect of society and Anime is a big part of it. Netflix is adding new anime series and new anime movies to its library every few months. Netflix now even has a few Netflix original Anime series and movies namely: A.I.C.O., Aggretsuko, Back Street Girls -GOKUDOLS-, BLAME!, Fate/Apocrypha and many others. If you are an anime fan and wants to explore Netflix to see what Anime you can watch, then, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you some popular anime series you can watch on Netflix.

Best Anime Series on Netflix

Fullmetal Alchemist

Netflix bought the license to add Fullmetal Alchemist to its last library last year. Since then it has become one of the top-rated anime series on Netflix. Along with Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood can also be streamed on Netflix. This anime series takes place in an era when alchemy is possible. Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, learns the craft and give up parts of their body in an attempt to bring their other back from the dead. In this Netflix hit anime series, you go on a ride with the two brothers looking for hope to cure their damaged body parts.

While this anime series is very intense, it also has romance and love which have been portrayed very beautifully. Edward and Winry are among the cutest anime couples. You should definitely watch this anime series for its unconditional love, for its intense drama, and the survival. Fullmetal Alchemist is currently the best anime series on Netflix to stream right now.

Death Note

Imagine this: you are a school kid, and you get a notebook that can kill people as long as you know the name and face of the same person. What would you do? You would feel like a god, no? The same happens with Light Yagami, a school kid who somehow find the magical book. At first, Light misuses this book, but when he realizes that he can do some good for the humankind, he sets out on a mission to locate and kill criminals from this world making it crime free. At first, he kills many high profile criminals from Japan and later he also starts looking for targets from international crime world.

Currently, Death Note is streaming on Netflix, and it is also among the top anime series people are watching on Netflix.

One Punch Man

Every superhero movie or series more or less follow the same set of rules. What are those, you ask? Hero with superpower generally fights against super villains who poses more power than the hero. Hero struggles, but in the end, the hero defeats the villain. Well, One Punch Man is kind of different. The hero has immense power, and it can destroy every villain with just one punch. This hero is more concerned about supermarket sale than defeating a villain. This what makes this series so much different than other superhero series or movie we have seen so far.

You can say this superhero series is more like a parody of all classic superhero movie or series. The series is was a hit in 2015 when it was first aired, it is not also popular on Netflix.

Knights of Sidonia

Most anime series are based on Sci-Fi, but my favorite Sci-Fi anime series is Knights of Sidonia. This anime series is a space ship based series which takes place in 3394 when the earth becomes uninhabitable and few peoples are living on a space ship. A space ship named Sidonia sets on a mission to discover and find other planets where human life can survive. A young and fearless pilot Nagate was discovered, and he was given the duty to defend the colonized planet for invaders and aliens. If you are more into the post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi genre, then this anime series will certainly be interesting to watch.

Other Popular Anime series on Netflix

Netflix has a lot of anime series, and it is almost impossible to list them all in one article. Here is few more anime series on Netflix that you can stream right now.

Best Anime Series to Watch on Netflix
5Devilman Crybaby
6Your Lie In April
7Case Closed
8Gurren Lagann
9Kill la Kill

These are 10 top anime series on Netflix that you can stream now. All of the ten series are my favorite and I recommend watching those anime series if you are starting with anime series.…


Best TV Series to Watch in April on Online Streaming Platforms

April is here, and so is a new set of TV series on different online streaming platforms. In this article, we will compile all the must-watch TV series from all different OTT based streaming service providers for April 2019. Every month tons of series releases on online streaming platforms and to be honest; it is quite hard to keep track of hundreds of shows that is releasing on different sites. Also more choice means more confusion, so to make things easier for you, we have compiled this list of best TV shows to watch this April on all popular online streaming platforms.

Best TV series Streaming this April on OTT Streaming Platforms

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is probably one of the most loved TV series in the past few years. After seven seasons, GoT and HBO have decided to end the series with the final season 8. It is very sad, I know! But I guess every good thing has to end someday and 2019 is the year for Game of Thrones. There are many speculations online as to what might happen in the show. If you know Game of Thrones, you know anything can happen. But one thing is confirmed that the show will leave many people disappointed. It will be interesting to see if the living wins over the dead or the white walker’s turn the whole planet into an icy planet.

The GoT is scheduled to be premiered on 14th of April on HBO.

Our Planet

Our Planet is a Netflix original docuseries which beautifully captures the world of wildlife. This series showcases wildlife in their natural habitat. While you can not stop but appreciate the cinematography of the series also you will see some hard-hitting facts about how human behavior is affecting wildlife so hard. You get to experience human habits like cutting trees, global warming, and pollution affecting wildlife in a way you would have never thought.

You can stream all episodes of Our Planet on Netflix from April 5.

The Tick

The Tick is a superhero comedy series from Amazon. This series is an adoption of a comic book of the same name. Amazon is bringing the second season this April. The second season follows the event of the first season which the heroes thought were eliminated. But they soon find themselves dealing with a new set of problems from different enemies. Also, they now have a competition which leads to a clash with the government agency which is responsible for regulating the heroes.

The Tick will be streaming on Amazon Prime platform from April 5.


Ramy Youssef is an Egyptian-American young man who lives with his family in the New Jersy. He struggles to keep with the religious demand his family has on him. His mother expects him to pick a girl from his faith and there only two hot Muslim girls left in the city. So he starts dating a jews girl. Ramy Youssef is the creator and the main character of this show. The show is the adoption of Ramy Youssef’s stand up comedy special.

Ramy can be streamed on Hulu starting April 9.

These are the top TV series that are coming this April on the top online streaming platform. Add these shows to your watchlist to not miss when they come online.…


Best Documentaries to Stream Online

Documentary movies are the best way to peak at the behind the scenes of some most significant events in the world. Documentaries are important to shed light at what has happened in a real-life event. There are many types of documentaries, and most documentaries are a tool to educate people about a particular event. On ‘On Demand’ we have shared many kinds of article, but in this article, we will share some really outstanding documentaries that you can watch online.

Best Documentaries to Watch Online

City of Joy

City of Joy

The city of Joy is a Netflix original documentary which is based on a group of women from the African nation Democratic Republic of Congo. The documentary follows the foundation of a community called ‘City of Joy’ which empowers women who are the victim of the nasty war that is going on in the DRC. At the City of Joy, women are taught to turn their pain onto their power. They are reminded how beautiful they are and they still are human. This is a beautiful documentary which captures how small act of kindness and condolences can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

You can watch the City of Joy on Netflix.

I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro

I Am Not Your Negro is based on an unfinished book by James Baldwin. He died before he could finish the book ‘Remember This House.’ Raoul Peck directed this documentary film. I Am Not Your Negro explores the history of racism in the USA through James Baldwin notes and remarks which he made during writing the book. The documentary was released in 2016 and is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. The movie went on to won many prestigious awards like British Academy Film Awards, Australian Film Critics Association award, and International Documentary Association awards.

I Am Not Your Negro is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is an American true crime docuseries on Netflix. This series is based on a real-life story of Steven Avery who was convicted for a crime he didn’t commit and spend 18 years in the prison. After getting released in 2003, he filed a law suit against the county for wrongfully convicting him. But he soon finds him and his nephew Brendan Dassey behind the bar again in 2005 for a murder charge of a 25 years photographers.

This documentary was shot in a span of 10 years, and it shows the conviction to multiple appeals. This 2 season series attracted many eyeballs around the world. One great example of that is in December 2015 the White House had received more than 500, 000 signature petition to pardon Avery.

Making a Murderer won multiple awards from many different reputable platforms. The most notable award is the Primetime Emmy Awards. You can stream all two seasons on Netflix.

Period. End of Sentence.

Period. End of Sentence. is a 2018 Netflix documentary series based on Indian women. This short film is based on a group of women from rural India. A low-cost sanitary pad machine establishes in their neighborhood, and the group of women learns how to operate the machine and sell them to girls and women. The movie shows how a machine empowers women financially and also how the group educates people and other ladies on menstruation hygiene and tries to combat the taboo around menstruation in India.

Period. End of Sentence. won many awards most notable Oscar award in the category of ‘Best Short Documentary.’ This is probably the only documentary from Netflix to win an Oscar award.

You can watch Period. End of Sentence. now on Netflix.

These are all the best documentary films and series you can stream online. I personally love these documentaries and 100% recommend them.…


Best Action Series Now Streaming on Netflix and Hulu in the USA

Netflix and Hulu are among the top online streaming platforms in the USA. Both streaming services have huge audiences, and both of them are very much active in adding new series for the viewers. You can watch TV series in many genres, but the action genre is among the most popular TV series genres at least in the United States. Here is our top pick for best action TV series on both Netflix and Hulu. This list contains both original series from the respective platforms as well as series from popular TV networks like ABC, and NBC.

Action TV series on Netflix and Hulu

Top Action TV Series Streaming on Netflix

These are the top TV series in action genre that you can stream right away on Netflix.



Daredevil is Marvel Universe’s entry to TV series and that too on Netflix. Matt Murdock is a lawyer by day and superhero by night who fights crime in New York. The Daredevil (Matt Murdock) was blinded in a car accident when he was a child. He uses his superpower to see and fight crime. Being a criminal lawyer by profession, Matt is forced to believe in the justice system, but when it is the night, he takes the law in hand to punish and stop crime from happening in the New York City.



Narcos is probably my most favorite TV series in general. Narcos is a Netflix original series produced by Netflix. This series has three seasons, and it has garnered appreciations from viewers worldwide. The first two seasons of the show shows the drug lord Pablo Escobar and how he became the biggest drug lord in the whole world and then how his empire was brought down by the USA agencies.

The third and final season follows Cali Cartel another drug business empire which flourished after the death of Pablo Escobar. This is a must watch if you want to know how the drug empire of the past operated.

The 100

The 100

If you are into sci-fi and apocalyptic types of shows then you are in for a treat. In this series, a nuclear holocaust wipes out the entire human species except for a few hundred people who went to space to survive. After almost a hundred years, a group of 100 teens was sent to the earth to see if the earth is survivable.

The new earth is not what it used to be, and they met with hostile guests and the constant threat of being another wipeout. It is an interesting series to watch and I 100% recommend this series.

Top Action TV Series Streaming on Hulu

These are the top TV series in action genre that you can stream right away on Hulu.



Fargo is an American Crime-Comedy TV series from FX network. This is a three seasons series with a total of 30 episodes, and you can stream all these episodes on Hulu. All of its three seasons are based on three different eras and every season comes with different characters, different stories, and a different plot. At the beginning of the series, many people were skeptical if this series will ever create the craze, but by the end of the first episode, only viewers knew this show is going to kill it. Fargo TV series has won many awards and most notably Primetime Emmy Awards. If you are a Hulu plus subscribers, give this series a go, and you will not regret a bit.



Lost is another popular TV series on Hulu. At its core, this show is about a plane crash on an uninhabited island and how the survivors survive the island. This is not your regular plane crash surviving series. The island has some hidden secrets like a polar bear and a monster who hunt the survivors. This series has broken the boundary of what fear is, and it also inspired many new series to push the limit. This is a six seasons series with 118 episodes and each episode fill with extreme nature of the series.

These are all the action TV series that you can start binge-watching on Netflix and Hulu. I personally like these shows and I 100% recommend this series. I hope you liked this article. Stay tuned for more.…


Movies and TV Series Streaming on Amazon Prime Video in March 2019

Amazon is really taking its online streaming platform very seriously. Amazon has poured billions of dollars in a bid to secure the market share. Amazon is hoping to invest more and more to the platform to produce more and more of its original content. Amazon has already contributed a few hits like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 2, Bosch to name a few. Amazon last month announced all the shows and movies coming to the OTT platform in March. Here are all the shows and movies you can now watch on Prime Video.

The Widow

I am personally pumped to see this series. The main protagonist played by Kate Beckinsale who hears the news of her husband’s death. But she refuses to believe the news and suspect that there is a lot more to the story than it seems and sets to find the root and find his husband. This search for her husband takes her to Congo. She manoeuvres through the unstable region, warlords and mercenaries who no one can trust. This show is being streamed from the first march.

Cold War

Cold War is a romantic movie that takes place in the 1950s in mids of the cold war in Poland. A music director falls in love with a singer from the same country. The lover tries to persuade his partner to leave communist oppressed Poland and move to France for a better future. The visual, cinematography and direction is a bliss. This movie is also nominated for 3 different awards in different categories. The movie is all set to be released on March 22 on Amazon Prime Video.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest is an animated Amazon original series coming on the platform from March 8. This series is based on a popular video game with the same name. There is a sleepy town of Auburn Pines where lives four kids who fight evil powers. To fight evil, they use super-powered costumes which give different skill and power to those kids. They need to move ahead with their quests to keep unlocking new costumes and gain the power to keep the dark forces on the defeated side.

Made in Heaven

In a battle to capture as much Indian market as possible, Amazon has been producing a number of series and movies for Indian viewers. Made in Heaven is a part of that effort. This series is in the Hindi language, and it follows two wedding planner from Delhi. The series shows all the things that happen behind the scene at any big fat Indian wedding. The show is being streamed on Amazon Prime Video from 1st March.


Hanna is another Prime original series that is coming to this march. This series is an adoption of a movie with the same name from 2011. Hanna is a young girl who is trained by her father in hunting, tracking and killing. A CIA agent separates the girl from her father. Hanna has to use all the skills that her father taught to track down her father.

Boston Legal (All Five Seasons)

Boston Legal is an American courtroom drama series from ABC. Amazon is all set to stream all the 5 seasons of the show from the 1st March. If you haven’t watched the series, then you can start streaming now.

These are all the latest movies and shows that are coming to the Amazon Prime Video this March. You can start streaming all these from today itself.…